Why Renewable energy?

  • Reaction to energy crisis (reduced fossil energy resources and its increasing price) and access to a long-term energy supply; 
  • We select reliable solutions (with limited maintenance needs) to access free, sustainable, unlimited local energy resources;
  • We develop Construction Programs which combine cost-effectiveness with reduction of:

- Environmental impacts,
- Reduce CO2 gas emissions,
- Help achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification label Building sustainable Programs.

All G.E.I.S solutions are based on proven, high performance technologies.


  • We care about your well-being comfort, your long term optimized energy efficiency and cost effectiveness for you and your family.
  • We contribute to the growth leverage and green empowerment of your residential complex.


  • We apply tested and proven technologies that will reduce your fixed and operational energy costs resulting in enhancing your contribution to a better environment.


  • We help you develop a smarter green attitude towards your guests which will support the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environnemental Design) certification process.


  • We help you better manage your energy costs and carbon footprint as well as promote your corporate image.

Contact us

G.E.I.S (at C.S.S.I office)

Maadi Star Towers Building (1-2 B) 

28th floor, appartment 12

Corniche El Nil

Maadi - Cairo - Egypt

Email : contact@geis-france.com