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Who we are

G.E.I.S, Green Energy Integrated Solutions is a company specialized in turnkey renewable energy services, established in France in 2012. We deliver integrated solutions ranging from Design, Engineering, Procurement, Installation and After-sales to Residential, Commercial, Tourism and Industrial markets.

Our Geothermal Cooling & Heating Systems, Solar Thermal Water Heaters and Solar Lighting Systems are based on field-proven high performance technologies in Europe and the U.S.

Our mission

is to meet the growing energy demand and face the shortage of fossil energy resources in the MENA region by helping our clients to:

  • Achieve optimum Green Energy solutions in construction projects
  • Become more energy efficient through streamlining, sustainability and energy savings
  • Reduce dependence on fossil energy sources
  • Enjoy an enhanced quality of life as a result of utilizing environmentally-friendly energy

Our vision

is to:

  • Facilitate access to renewable energy and eco-efficiency services
  • Raise awareness of sustainable energy
  • Reinforce environmental commitment and promote the image of our clients as a result of shifting towards energy efficient resources

Management team

A highly skilled international management team with:

  • Long years' experience in the construction sector with an emphasis on Cooling & Heating systems for various types of Projects, such as or oil & gas and other industries
  • A unique long-working experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East thus adding value to the understanding of projects & clients requirements

Contact us

G.E.I.S (at C.S.S.I office)

Maadi Star Towers Building (1-2 B) 

28th floor, appartment 12

Corniche El Nil

Maadi - Cairo - Egypt

Email : contact@geis-france.com